The #1 Dry Brush Bundle Prescribed By Dr. Tom
The Brush It Off Bundle is Your Best Tool Kit for 
Stimulating Your Nervous System
Start Brushing It Off TODAY
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The "Living In A Sensory World" E-book Written By Dr. Tom And Our Three Piece Dry Brush Set
Learn Therapeutic Brushing Strategies From Dr. Tom Himself!
Meet Your Needs
When working towards reducing inflammation and regenerating the health of your brain,
lifestyle changes like diet, exercise, and holding onto a calm and present mind-set can really make a difference.

Home Techniques
In this educational book written by one of the top authorities in the field, Dr. Tom will teach you the step-by-step Dry Brushing plan to use right in your own home. These techniques will result in comfort with all environments. 

Track Your Progress
Everyone has an individualised response to dry brushing. Some take to it immediately, and others take a little more time. Dr. Tom shares with you a "Daily Journal" template that is the best tool for effectively managing your progress. 

  • Locust Wood Brush Heads 
  • 100% Natural Boar Bristles
  • Durable Cotton Brush Head Straps
  • Detachable Locust Wood Long Reach Handle
  • Sleek Cotton Travel Bag
Three Piece Dry Brush Set
The set is composed of three different types of brushes.

The soft bristle brush head is great for scrubbing down your entire body.
It's gentle enough where you can use it almost anywhere to get the job done. 

The firm bristle brush head is tougher and more firm, making it perfect for deep cleaning thicker skin. 

The extra fine facial brush is for your face and neck areas as the skin is very sensitive and requires a soft yet highly effective brushing. 
Managing Sensory and Processing Disorders is hard work...
Learn to Relieve that stress with the
"Living In A Sensory World" E-Book
and 3 Piece Dry Brush Set
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